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 My story behind Kimchee Jeanius has been an amazing journey . I was able to look deeper into my Korean heritage. As I learned about the different types of Kimchee and ferments, I started to become more interested in the my own Korean history. Kimchee is  my form of identity. By curating my story and journey I started to learn more about myself and becoming more prideful of my heritage and appreciating my culture. 

Kimchee Jeanius specializes in kimchee, pickling and ferments. I started this adventure a few years ago when I was reading about all the health benefits of ferments in particularly Kimchee. Being of Korean descent, I grew up eating kimchee and other delicious ferments. As my interest grew, I learned how to make different types of kimchee from my mother. Some of the main ingredients that go into making kimchee is salt, sugar, anchovies, onions, ginger, garlic, & chili peppers. I wanted to see if I can make a version without compromising the taste by using less salt, with NO added sugar and also making it vegan. 


"The most delicious Kimchee I've ever had"

Chef Tu David Phu/ Top Chef season 15